Elite Silicone Inside Ring Cylinders

$3.50 - $20.50
  Cylinders are priced per package.
10 cylinders per package. Mandrel is priced per piece.
Total ---
Silicon carbide grit in a silicone bond for the most efficient cutting of nonferrous metals. Features a very flexible silicone rubber bond that allows the 180 and 220 grit cylinders to cut aggressively yet leave a smooth enough finish to go right to final polishing with the Pink (1000 grit) cylinder.

Our Elite Inside Ring Cylinders can be used on our 1/8" shank mandrel to quickly finish finger holes of rings to a bright high shine.

Cylinders measure 1"L x 1/2"W and are sold in packages of 10. Also available in a Set of all 3 cylinders plus one mandrel. Mandrels are also sold separately.
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    Color Grit Application
    Gray 180 Quickly removes deep scratches & burs
    Green 220 Removes light scratches
    Pink 1000 Produces a high shine