Micro Spiral Brushes

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Aluminum oxide abrasive embedded in nylon bristles.

This new brush concept is the perfect tool for cleaning or light bur removal in through holes or on hole edges. The 0.3mm diameter nylon bristle contains 500 grit aluminum oxide abrasive grain. Easy to hold and use by hand or can be carefully used in a rotary handpiece if run no faster than 1,500rpm*. Each brush’s wire mandrel top (except MSB 2.2 and MSB 2.7) is coated with epoxy resin to protect the work surface from damage. Made in Japan.
  • Deburs an edge-hole, inside hole or cross hole.
  • Removes rust in cylinders, pipes, grooves and screw holes.
*1,500rpm max when used in a rotary handpiece. Do not operate until fully inserted into the hole to be processed.

Style # Diameter x Length Shank Dia.
MSB 2.2 2.2 x 20mm 3mm
MSB 2.7 2.7 x 20mm 3mm
MSB 3.3 3.3 x 25mm 3mm
MSB 3.8 3.8 x 25mm 3mm
MSB 4.3 4.3 x 25mm 3mm
MSB 4.8 4.8 x 25mm 3mm
MSB 5.3 5.3 x 25mm 3mm
MSB 3.8 3.8 x 25mm 3mm
MSB 5.8 5.8 x 25mm 3mm
MSB 6.3 6.3 x 25mm 3mm
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