3M™ Belts for MAX 24 and MAX 30

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Belts measure 1-1/2"W x 18-15/16"L. Use with Expander Drum which can be used on Max 24 and 30 or on polishing motors with included arbors (see "Related Products" below).

3M™ Trizact Belt
Designed to run wet. Cuts fast and imparts a uniform finish. Ideal for use on precious metals, as well as stainless steel and titanium. 100 grit.

3M™ Flex Diamond Belt
A durable, nonloading belt for cleaning, shaping and prefinishing. Coated with diamond in a honeycomb pattern for fast cutting with no gouging or catching. Run wet or dry on hard and soft metals, including platinum, palladium and white gold, and even soft stones. 220 grit.

3M™ Diamond Micro Finishing Film Belts
Precision-graded diamond abrasive bonded onto flexible film backing. Cut faster than aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. Run wet or dry on metals, stone, glass, enamel, plastic and more. Available in 3 color coded grits: Aqua (220), Yellow (320) and Green (400).
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