GMX Wheels, 4" Diameter

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GMX utilizes aluminum oxide in a unique composite of laminated cotton fiber in a rubber bond. The result is a long-lasting abrasive wheel which provides a consistent and controlled cut along with a smooth, even finish.

GMX cuts and smoothes in one operation. The cotton base which supports the grain creates a cushioned feel and eliminates chatter and loading. Discs can be dressed to conform to shape of workpiece.
  • 80 grit is ideal for deburring and sprue removal
  • 120 grit removes parting lines and small burs
  • 180 and 320 grit remove light scratches
Measure 4" diameter x 1/4" thick with a 1/4" arbor hole.  (Also available in 6", see "Related Products" below.)

Maximum operating speed: 9,075 rpm.  Made in USA.
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