JETTBasic Thermoplastic

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A slightly more pliable form of JettSett, JETTBasic thermoplastic has no ceramic content. Ideal for setting jobs that require slightly more pliable fixturing, such as very small or delicate items. The material is slightly translucent which makes it ideal for making customized setting holders for earrings; post holes will be visible through the material. Also useful for making customized tool handles.

To use, drop the desired amount of JETTBasic pellets into hot water (145°F. to 170°F.). Allow to soften for a minute then pour off the water. Form as desired; hardens in just a few minutes at room temperature. When finished with your job, soften the JETTBasic in hot water again and peel it off. JETTBasic can be used over and over again!

Sold in 1 lb. packages.
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