Grobet American Pattern Files - Flat (End Tapered)

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Universally used by all machinists, this file is recommended for fast stock removal where a smooth finish is not required. In addition to being double cut, it differs from the mill file in that it is thicker in the cross section. Made in China.

For jobs that do not require the accuracy of Swiss Pattern Precision Files, American Pattern Files will provide the best results. Lengths given are length of cut only, exclusive of tangs.

Grobet American Pattern Files

Flat (End Tapered)

Length of Cut Width x Thickness (in) Cut Item #
6" 5/8" x 5/32" Bastard 770-0627
Second 770-0628
Smooth 770-0629
8" 25/32" x 7/32" Bastard 770-0827
Second 770-0828
Smooth 770-0829
10" 31/32" x 1/4" Bastard 770-1027
Second 770-1028
Smooth 770-1029
12" 1-5/32" x 9/32" Bastard 770-1227
Second 770-1228
Smooth 770-1229

The cut of the file refers to how fine its teeth are. They are defined as, from roughest to smoothest: bastard, second, and smooth.

Comparison of Cuts:
American Bastard Cut — is equivalent to — Swiss 00 Cut
American Second Cut — is equivalent to — Swiss 0 Cut
American Smooth Cut — is equivalent to — Swiss 2 Cut
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