Grobet American Pattern Files - Mill

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In machine shops it is used as a general purpose file as well as for draw filing, lathe work, and finishing operations on hard materials. The most common shape, Mill files are rectangular in cross section and taper slightly in both width and thickness from tang to end. Often used in conjunction with a flat or hand file as a finishing file after the "hogging off" operation. Made in China.

For jobs that do not require the accuracy of Swiss Pattern Precision Files, American Pattern Files will provide the best results. Lengths given are length of cut only, exclusive of tangs.

Grobet American Pattern Files


Length of Cut Width x Thickness (in) Cut Item #
6" 9/32" x 7/64" Bastard 770-0617
Second 770-0618
Smooth 770-0619
8" 25/32" x 9/64" Bastard 770-0817
Second 770-0818
Smooth 770-0819
10" 31/32" x 11/64" Bastard 770-1017
Second 770-1018
Smooth 770-1019
12" 1-5/32" x 7/32" Bastard 770-1217
Second 770-1218
Smooth 770-1219

The cut of the file refers to how fine its teeth are. They are defined as, from roughest to smoothest: bastard, second, and smooth.

Comparison of Cuts:
American Bastard Cut — is equivalent to — Swiss 00 Cut
American Second Cut — is equivalent to — Swiss 0 Cut
American Smooth Cut — is equivalent to — Swiss 2 Cut
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