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Brush Type Micromotors

  • ECO-Torque 280 Rotary Micromotor

    ECO-Torque 280 Rotary Micromotor

    sku: 5102980

    ITEM 510-2976 IS NOW ITEM 510-2980 Our most affordable rotary micromotor system! The ECO-Torque 280 handles a wide range of rotary handpiece applications. Whether you need a system for grinding, drilling, polishing or bright-cutting, ECO-Torque 280...

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  • Foredom® Splitter Box for Brush Type Micromotors

    Foredom® Splitter Box for Brush Type Micromotors

    sku: 5102939

    Foredom's Micromotor Splitter Box HP4-920 allows users to keep 2 brush type handpieces plugged in and ready to use one at a time. Controllers that the splitter box can plug into include the Eco-Torque (510-2980), Marathon (3/32" collet 510-2956, 1/8"...

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