• Accessory Set for UM-1200

    Accessory Set for UM-1200

    sku: 5000140

    This standard accessory set is included with the UM-1200. Consists of 2 sintered and 6 plated diamond tools and 2 ceramic stones.

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  • UM-1200 Replacement Handpiece

    UM-1200 Replacement Handpiece

    sku: 5000101

    Replacement ultrasonic handpiece for the Gesswein UM-1200 Ultrasonic Polisher. (Handpiece rest , blue ceramic stone and power cord shown are not included.)

    $496.00 /
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  • UM-1200 Ultrasonic Polisher

    UM-1200 Ultrasonic Polisher

    sku: 5001200

    The most affordable ultrasonic polisher for polishing with diamond tools and ceramic stones. The high quality UM-1200 produces 25,000 cycles per second of longitudinal vibration in a small, comfortable handpiece with an invisible minute stroke of 10 to...

    $1,595.00 /
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  • UM1200 ON/OFF Foot Switch

    UM1200 ON/OFF Foot Switch

    sku: 5000107

    Convenient on/off foot switch for the UM1200 Ultrasonic Polishing System allows you to stop and start without using your hands.  

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