3D post productions tools

Finishing and Polishing of 3D Printed Parts


These precision tools and abrasives are superb for removing support structures and polishing surfaces made from various 3D printing technologies such as SLA (Stereolithography), DLP (Digital Light Processing), LMF (Laser Metal Fusion), and DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering).

Achieve your required surface finish on a variety of metals such as steel alloys, titanium, cobalt, chrome, precious metals, bronze, nickel alloys, Hastelloy, copper, etc. Some polishing supplies can also be used on hard plastics such as ABS.

Need help selecting the right tools for your application? Just contact our industrial team at sales@gesswein.com and we'll make product recommendations for your application. 


Micromotor handpieces feature a flexible cord, precision control, and forward/reverse directional rotation. Available with 1/8" and 3/32" collets.


Shop sanding sheets, belts, belt sticks, strips and discs, including Moore's Discs.


Carbide, Diamond, Steel, and Titanium Nitride Burs are used for grinding support structure remnants.

G-Flex & GMX

Aluminum oxide abrasives in a unique composite of laminated cotton fiber in a rubber bond (GMX) or a firmer rsin bond (G-Flex).

Ceramic Stones

Ceramic stones are perfect for polishing small, detailed areas. Strong enough to polish hard metals, yet flexible enough not to snap when pressure is applied. Can be used by hand, with ultrasonic polishers, or in reciprocating polishers.

Diamond Tools

Assortment of diamond abrasive tools such as diamond points, cloth, and diamond compounds. Synthetic diamond grain works well on a variety of hard and soft metals for grinding or super-fine polishing.

Fiber Abrasives

Fiber wheels and pads for light grinding or satin finishing.

Files & Rifflers

Gesswein carries hundreds of files for metal workers; Grobet Swiss Pattern precision, riffler, needle and escapement files, also American Pattern files, and a large assortment of diamond coated files and rifflers.

Pliers & Nippers

Gesswein offers a wide variety of pliers and nippers that can be used to break off and remove 3D support structures.

Featured 3D Printers

Sisma Everes


EVERES ZERO and UNO are professional 3D printers based on DLP "Digital Light Processing" technology; designed and built to offer a user experience which has never been explored before. Both models include great attributes such as self-alignment and self-zeroing of the building platform, resin vat in non-degenerative material granting a very high dimensional precision; together with a high repeatability and reliability, high printing speed, automatic resin loading/unloading, and "Click & Make" software.

All these functions deliver the ultimate 3D printing experience! This item is special order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Made in Italy.

Sisma Everes 3d Printer

Form 3l

Formlabs Form 3L


The Form 3L is an affordable, large format 3D printer that provides the higher print quality of the Form 3 with five times the build volume for fast turnaround of large industrial-quality parts. Stop sacrificing quality on larger prints. The Form 3L provides the incredible surface finish and fine detail for which stereolithography 3D printing is known.

Scale up your in-house print production with the Form 3L, an easy-to-use large format 3D printer for reliable production. Eliminate the turnaround time of outsourcing or the manual work of assembly for large scale 3D prints. The Form 3L offers a massive build volume at an unprecedented value.