PUK® U5 Mold & Die Precision Welder

Utilizing micro TIG technology, the welder produces small, consistent spot welds that penetrate the mold surface. The welded areas are strong and can withstand the pressures and working conditions during the molding process. All heat is concentrated at the spot of the weld thereby eliminating the possibility of distortion and metal stress caused by overheating.

  • Repairing parting lines, mold seams, and three point corners and edges.
  • Filling in pits and deep scratches on the mold surface.
  • Weld into slots, corners, and ribs.
  • Repair slides, ejectors and core pins.
  • For use on all common tool steels, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.
PUK U5 Laser Welder


Power Output (TIG) min/max: 4 - 630 A
Impulse Length (TIG) min/max: 0.5 - 34 ms
Power Output (Tack welding) min/max: 80 - 850 A
Impulse Length (Tack welding) min/max: 0.2 - 3ms
Welding Speed:
Setting 1:
Setting 2:

0.9 - 1.7 sec
0.7 - 1.5 sec
Automatic Gas-Pre-Flow Time: +
Gas Consumption: ca. 21/min
Shielding Gas: Argon > 99.9%
Current Consumption "Maintaining Mode": 10 W
Program Memory: 20 X 

TIG Weld Removal Consumable Set

Included in every PUK® U5 Mold & Die Welder!

This set contains all you need to remove a TIG weld. It contains 32 polishing consumables specifically selected to aid in the removal of the weld. The products are a full range of abrasives for aggressive polishing and grinding, up to a diamond mirror polish. The convenient carrying case helps you keep organized.

TIG Weld Removal Consumable Set