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Power Carvers

"The Gesswein" Power Carver, Marathon Handy 700, Foredom® and other power carving systems.

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PowerHand hand 3 III  ph3 Multi-Functional Polishing Systems controllers control boxes micromotors the gesswein ph3 powerhand power hand power-hand 3 3x III 2x single standard controllers micromotors micro-motors motors the gesswein power-hand hand 2x
Power Hand 3 Multi-Functional Micromotor Controller
$118.00 - $495.00
ECO-Torque 280 Rotary Micromotors 280 #280 ECO-Torque torque 280 Rotary Micromotors 280 #280
ECO-Torque 280 Rotary Micromotor
marathon handy handi 700 #700 gesswein micro micromotors micro-motors motors 700 #700 marathon handy 700 #700
Marathon Handy 700
$400.00 - $695.00
marathon micro micro-motor micromotors systems tph-6501 tph6501 tph 6501 handpieces hand pieces marathon hand piece micromotor systems
Marathon Micromotor System
PH3 35X Slim Rotary Handpieces z-35xs z35xs powerhand power hand 3 handpieces pieces z-35xs z35xs
PH3 35X Slim Rotary Handpiece
PH3 55X High Speed Rotary Handpiece z-55Xs z55xs power hand handpieces powerhand hand pieces z55
PH3 55X High Speed Rotary Handpiece
the gesswein Power Carvers PHP-40 php40 php 40 php Rotary Handpieces pieces
Power Carver, PHP-40 Rotary Handpiece
PowerHand hands 2 3 BZX Belt Sanders bzx belt sanders replacement optional straight angle 4mm 6mm 8mm arms for the powerhand sanding belts the gesswein power hands powerhands bzx belt sanders handpieces pieces
Power Hand BZX Belt Sander
$119.00 - $995.00
On Sale: $118.30
the gesswein powerhand power hand handpiece cradle rests for powerhand power hand handpiece cradle rests for
Power Hand Handpiece Cradle Rest
PowerHand the gesswein power hand powerhand 2 Heavy Duty heavy-duty handpieces hand pieces Heads Z-HDX hdx zhdx for powerhand power hand the gesswein handpieces hand pieces zhdx z-hdx hdx
Power Hand Heavy Duty Head Z-HDX
$79.95 - $399.00
powerhand power hand angle rotary handpieces hand pieces the gesswein cz-15x rz-15x 15x cz15x rz15x powerhand power hand angle rotary handpieces hand pieces
PowerHand 2 Angle Rotary Handpieces
$685.00 - $745.00
power cord handpiece extension cords power cords for the gesswein powerhand power hand cord handpiece power cords extension cords
PowerHand 2 Handpiece Extension Cord
on off on/off on-off rheostats foot switches for the gesswein powerhands power hands 2 micromotors on off on/off on-off
PowerHand 2 On-Off Foot Switch
the gesswein PowerHand Z-35Xs Gen'l general Purpose rotary Handpieces z35xs z-35xs z35xs z-35xs power hand powerhand handpieces pieces z35xs z-35xs
PowerHand 2 Z-35XS Gen'l Purpose Handpiece
PowerHand 2 4:1 Reduction Gear Z-RGX gear reducer zrgx rgx z-rgx powerhand power hand 2 4 to 1 4:1 reducing reduction gears reducers
PowerHand 4:1 Reduction Gear Z-RGX
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