• 4-Prong Diamond Holder

    4-Prong Diamond Holder

    sku: 8404451

    Press on plunger to open the 4 prongs; release to hold small objects securely. Excellent for holding and displaying diamonds and other gemstones. Made of stainless steel and measures 4-1/2" long.

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  • Graver Holder with Tool Chucks

    Graver Holder with Tool Chucks

    sku: 8404210

    Handy for holding gravers and other small tools. The wooden handle has 2 interchangeable tool chucks that accept tool shanks up to 3mm. Easily change from one to the other by removing the knurled holder, which may be tightened (when replaced) around tool...

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  • Grit Stick Holder  (Pkg. of 3)

    Grit Stick Holder (Pkg. of 3)

    sku: 8404400

    Wooden stick to hold our Grit Stick Sleeves. Measures approximately 8"L x 3/4"W x 1/4" thick. Three-piece minimum; please order in multiples of 3.

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  • Millgrain Wheel Holder

    Millgrain Wheel Holder

    sku: 8404350

    Adjustable screw chuck for securely holding all sizes of Millgrain wheels. Features comfortable, smooth wooden handle.

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  • Miter Cutting Vise / Jig

    Miter Cutting Vise / Jig

    sku: 8121285

    This Swiss-style miter vise is made of hardened steel.  Used for holding wire and sheet up to 11mm wide at both 45° and 90° for making precise angled cuts . A stop bar is included to perform consistent cuts repeatedly.  Place in a bench vise...

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  • Round Tennis Bracelet Holder

    Round Tennis Bracelet Holder

    sku: 8404205

    Versatile bracelet holder saves time when setting stones. Eliminates messy shellac and firmly holds bracelet up to 7mm wide without marring or distorting. Easily set stones – prong, pavé or channel – with the assurance that the bracelet will stay in...

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  • Setter's Tube Holder

    Setter's Tube Holder

    sku: 8404225

    Set of 7 spring-tempered 3-jaw collets with wooden handle. Holds tubes ranging in sizes from 1/32" to 1/4". Will hold tube firmly while stone is being set and will not cause tube to collapse. Handle is partially drilled allowing tube to extend inside...

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