Mold Polishing Kits

  • 3 in 1 Consumable Set

    3 in 1 Consumable Set

    sku: 5000234

    3-in-1 Consumable Set for the Ultramax MF: This set contains 98 polishing consumables specifically selected for the Ultramax MF Polisher 3 in 1 Complete Package. Provides the full range of abrasive consumables from aggressive polishing and grinding, up...

    $407.00 / Set
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  • Diamond Polishing Kit

    Diamond Polishing Kit

    sku: 2160001

    Whether you carry it to the mold or have it under your workstation, our Diamond Polishing Kit keeps all the products you need, right at your fingertips!  Not only a convenient time-saver but a money-saver as well!  A $350.00 value...

    $299.00 / Kit
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  • Mold Repair Kit

    Mold Repair Kit

    sku: 3821000

    Can be carried directly to the mold for instant repair in the press. Helps you quickly put your molds back into production. Kit Includes: Diemaker, EDM, Moldmaker, Ultrasoft and RA Stones Supreme Green Stoning Oil  Mounted...

    $220.00 / Each
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