Investment Removers

  • Clean-Cast Investment Remover

    Clean-Cast Investment Remover

    sku: 2604305

    A non-hazardous to ship, mildly acidic cleaner designed for investment removal that can be used at room temperature or heated up to 160°F  in an ultrasonic cleaner (in an auxiliary pan/beaker) for accelerated results (ultrasonic and auxllary...

    $36.95 / 1 Gallon
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  • High-Power Devesting Machine - 240V

    High-Power Devesting Machine - 240V

    sku: 2652183

    Use this high power, heavy-duty devesting machine to thoroughly clean investment from castings. Two-piece unit has an easy to move roll-out catch chamber for removal of accumulated investment. Adjustable water spray nozzle is controlled by a foot pedal...

    $8,450.00 / Each
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  • Hose only for Hydro Air Wash Gun

    Hose only for Hydro Air Wash Gun

    sku: 2601806

    This water hose includes connections for both the faucet and the Hydro Air Wash Gun ((our 2601800 - sold separately).  Hose measures 4'L x 3/4" diameter.

    $20.95 / Each
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  • Hydro Air Wash Gun - (Gun only)

    Hydro Air Wash Gun - (Gun only)

    sku: 2601800

    Removes investment from castings by using compressed air and water. The gun is chrome-plated zinc and brass. Complete with heavy-duty, squeeze-trigger air valve, rubber nozzle and hand grips for protection against hot water. Reduces cleaning time and...

    $195.60 / Each
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  • Optional Steel Frame Stand for Water Jet Cabinet

    Optional Steel Frame Stand for Water Jet Cabinet

    sku: 8540067

    This optional steel angle iron frame is designed for supporting the Water Jet Cabinet (sold separately). This item ships FOB from New Jersey. Shipping weight is 70 lbs. Measures 23" x 25" x 36" (L x W x H). Made from 1.5" x 1.5" x 1/8" mild steel. Made...

    $495.00 / Each
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  • Water Jet Cabinet 120V

    Water Jet Cabinet 120V

    sku: 8540068

    Blast away investment from your jewelry and/or casting trees quickly and efficiently with the Gesswein Water Jet Cabinet. This high-pressure investment blasting cabinet boasts a strong 1,100 PSI with a powerful CAT Triplex Pump, giving a much smoother...

    $4,950.00 / Each
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