Plating Supplies

  • Copper Work Wire

    Copper Work Wire

    sku: 2102100

    Soft, 24-gauge copper wire for holding items to be stripped or plated. Comes in 1/2 lb. spool.

    $14.95 / Each
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  • Dial Thermometer

    Dial Thermometer

    sku: 2102255

    Stainless steel, with a temperature range of 100°F to 400°F. (37.7 to 204°C.) Use to accurately measure wax temperature and to calibrate vulcanizer platen temperature. Measures 8" overall length.

    $19.35 / Each
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  • Plastic Stirring Rod 10"

    Plastic Stirring Rod 10"

    sku: 2102459

    For mixing electrocleaning, electrostripping, and electroplating baths. Will not react with solutions. Measures 1/2" diameter x 10" long.

    $4.25 / Each
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  • Plating Thermometer

    Plating Thermometer

    sku: 2102310

    Glass thermometer accurately measures stripping and plating bath temperatures to eliminate guesswork and improve stripping and plating results.  Color may vary.  Fahrenheit and Celsius scales (up to 400°F, 200°C). Metal clip...

    $12.95 / Each
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  • Ribbed Glass Funnel

    Ribbed Glass Funnel

    sku: 2102450

    Use this Ribbed Glass Funnel with filter paper (not included)  for filtering impurities from plating solutions. Ribbed for better flow of solution. Heavy-duty with approximately 1/4" thick walls.    

    $57.20 / Each
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  • Whatman 0-14 pH Strips

    Whatman 0-14 pH Strips

    sku: 2102401

    Extra pH strips for checking your EarthGold  and other plating baths. Box of 100 Type CF strips with easy-to-read color chart.

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