Busch Burs

Busch Burs are renowned for their exceptional quality, made in Germany from premium tungsten vanadium steel or super carbide steel. Tracing their roots to 1905, Busch and Co. has over a century of expertise producing top-notch German dental and jewelry burs and tools.

  • Tungsten vanadium steel burs feature precision-machined, evenly spaced teeth for smooth, even cutting and finishing on jewelry and dental applications. These tough, hard, and heat-resistant burs are excellent for precise engraving, grinding, polishing, carving, cutting, deburring, slicing, and filing tasks.
  • Super carbide burs were originally designed for high-speed dental work on hard tooth enamel, but their incredibly hard carbide blades also make them ideal for tough materials that would dull regular steel burs. With their durability, wear-resistance, and concentricity from a special bonding process, Busch super carbide burs are simply some of the best quality carbide drill bits and burs in the world for jewelers and dentists alike.