Investment Mixers

  • Auto-Vac Investing Machine

    Auto-Vac Investing Machine

    sku: 2652181

    Take the worry out of investing with Auto-Vac. This timesaving machine mixes investment and fills flasks under full vacuum, eliminating the air bubbles that hurt casting quality and kill productivity down the line. Produces smooth, crisply detailed molds...

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  • Investment Vac Model HD

    Investment Vac Model HD

    sku: 2651552

    Investment Vac Model HD machine is designed for vacuuming investment in a production environment. The large capacity unit removed air bubbles in multiple flasks. Reliable, heavy-duty vacuum pump with in-line filter traps to prevent moisture from...

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  • Repl. Rubber Pad only for Investment Vac Model HD

    Repl. Rubber Pad only for Investment Vac Model HD

    sku: 2651551

    This square rubber pad measures 14.8" x 14.8" (375 x 375mm) and is designed to work with both the 1/2 HP (265-1550, no longer available) and 3/4 HP (265-1552) Investment Vac HD models.  Made in Taiwan.   

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