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Use the highest quality jewelry polishing abrasives, compounds, tools and supplies when it comes time to polish your jewelry. Take care to do the finishing steps correctly to make your jewelry shine and remove any scratches that have formed during jewelry making or general wear. Gesswein will help you bring your jewelry to a high shine with our abrasives.
Diamond Compounds for polishing steel and other hard materials

Diamond Compounds

Water and oil soluble diamond compounds for polishing steel and other hard materials.

Abrasive Grain

Abrasive Grain

High grade silicon carbide and aluminum oxide in grain form. Pumice powder.

Ceramic Stones | Metal Sharpening Supplies | Gesswein

Ceramic Stones

Made of long ceramic fibers that will not break or dull. Can be dressed to a very fine point. Use on stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloys, silicon, magnetic materials and plastics — and precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Coated Abrasives | Abrasive Bands | Flap Wheels | Gesswein

Coated Abrasives

Abrasive Bands/Rolls, Cord/Tape, and Flap Wheels.

Cut-Off Discs perfect for screw mandrels available in various grits, thicknesses, and sizes.

Cut-Off Discs

Cut-off and separating discs.

Diamond Tools | Tools, Supplies & Abrasives | Gesswein

Diamond Tools

Diamond and CBN pins, diamond cloth and foil, diamond compounds, diamond dressers and grinding wheels, diamond pads and discs including 3M™ Roloc and QRS.

Dressing Stones

Dressing Stones

Arkansas Stones, Ruby Stones, India Stones, and Dressing Stones.

Scotch-Brite Pads | Fiber Abrasives | Deburring Wheels & Pads | Gesswein

Fiber Abrasives

Fiber wheels and pads for light deburring or satin finishing. 3M® Scotch-Brite, Beartex® and Unitized wheels and discs. Satin Finish Buffs.

Finishing Stones | Mold and Die Polishing Stones | Gesswein

Finishing Stones

Gesswein finishing stones are internationally recognized as the highest quality stones. You can always depend on them to produce consistent uniform finishes.

G-Flex & GMX | Rubber Bonds and Resin | Gesswein

G-Flex & GMX

Aluminum oxide abrasive in a unique composite of laminated cotton fiber in a rubber bond (GMX) or a firmer resin bond (G-Flex).

Grinding & Deburring

Grinding & Deburring

3M, Norton, and MAX brand grinding wheels for fast metal removal, light grinding, and deburring. Deburring and deflashing tools.

Mounted Stones

Mounted Stones

Aluminum oxide in porcelain type clay bond. Red are 60, 80 or 100 grit. Blue and Light Blue are 120 grit (fine).  White are 400 grit (very fine). 

Rubber Abrasives

Rubber Abrasives

Square & knife edge wheels, bullets, cylinders, and points from 3M®, Edenta, Brightboy, Dedeco®, Silipum, Rugi, and more. Pumice wheels.



Sheets, strips and discs, including Moore's Discs.  Sandpaper belts and belt sticks.