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At Gesswein, our jewelry casting machines, tools and equipment include everything you need to cast your jewelry at a professional level. You'll find high quality casting machines and burnout ovens as well as full kits that will help you get started in the art of jewelry casting. Shop through our entire catalog of casting equipment and you'll find you can find everything you need to cast your jewelry from the first step to the last.
3D Printers | 3D Printing Accessories and Supplies | CAD Software | Gesswein

3D Printing

EnvisionTEC additive manufacturing machines. 3D Printed jewelry with the Form 2 from FormLabs. With a built-in 3D library, Firestorm CAD has never been as affordable. JewelCad software for computer aided jewelry design and modeling.

Alloys and Grains | Jewelry Casting Supplies | Gesswein

Alloys & Grain

Alloys for karating down, manganese bronze casting grain, Re-Cast It alloy additive to restore fluidity.

Jewelry Burnout Ovens | Casting Furnaces | Casting Supplies | Gesswein

Burnout Ovens

Electric burnout ovens and programmable controllers.

Jewelry Casting Kits | Investment Vacuum Casting Kits | Gesswein

Casting Kits

Small and medium size kits to get you started in casting.

Jewelry Casting Machines | Wax Casting Systems | Investment Casting | Gesswein

Casting Machines

Vacuum, centrifugal, and induction machines for casting gold, platinum, silver, palladium, stainless steel, more.



Machine and salamanders crucibles, tongs and stirring rods.

Flasks & Bases | Casting & Metal Melting Supplies | Gesswein

Flasks & Bases

Perforated and solid wall flasks, rubber sprue bases, sleeves and tape.

Investment Casting Supplies | Investment Casting Accessories | Gesswein

Investing Supplies

Scales, mixers, vibrating tables, bell jars, rubber bowls, beakers, scoops, timers, and other investing necessities.

InvestmentInvestment Casting Powder | Investment Casting Supplies | Gesswein


For silver, gold, platinum, palladium and stainless steel casting, class rings, and stone-in-place casting.

Metal Melting | Melting Furnaces & Accessories | Gesswein

Metal Melting

Melting furnaces from Kerr® and Accu-Melt. Stirring rods, ingot molds, borax.  (For casting torches, see "Torches & Soldering".)

Rubber Molding Kits | Silicone Rubber Mold | Gesswein

Mold Rubber

Mold rubber, silicone and more.

Mold Supplies

Mold Supplies

Mold knives & handles, mold clamps & vises, mold frames, mold release spray, talc, and mold cutting aids.

Porosity Removers | Mold Burnishers | Gesswein

Porosity Removers

Designed to burnish metal and fill in minor porosity on castings, eliminating the need for extra filing and filling of holes with solder.

Sprue Cutters | Jewelry Making Tools | Gesswein

Sprue Cutters

Hand sprue cutters available in a variety of sizes. Perfect for trimming, cutting and removing parts from metal or plastic moldings or trees. Find sprue cutters with extra long handles to increase leverage, shears, pneumatic sprue cutters or compound styles.

Sprue Wax | Scuplting Tree Wax | Gesswein

Sprue Wax

Round and hexagonal sprue wax, wax wire.

Vulcanizers | Vulcanizing Tools & Supplies | Mold Casting Supply | Gesswein


Large and small vulcanizers, vulcanizing tools & supplies.

Wax Carving Tools | Jewelry Scuplting Supplies | Gesswein

Wax Carving Tools

Hot and cold wax carving tools from Kerr, Matt, Ti-Research, PepeTools, and Wolf. 

Wax Injectors | Wax Mold Injection Equipment | Gesswein

Wax Injectors

Low cost hand pumps, air-operated and vacuum wax injectors and state-of-the-art wax injection & clamping systems for high production shops. Wax injection tools & supplies.

Carving Wax | Carving Wax Tubes | Wax Slices | Wax Wire | Gesswein

Wax, Carving

Carving waxes from Matt, Ferris, Wolf, Kerr and Ti-Research. 

Wax Injection Equipment | Wax Flakes | Wax Pellets | Gesswein

Wax, Injection

Injection waxes from Freeman, Ferris, Kerr, and Castaldo.