All Burs & Drills

Gesswein has a great selection of professional quality cutting tools and accessories for your jewelry making hobby and business. We have all of the different types of cutters, burs, drills, taps, reamers and end mills you may need for your jewelers hand pieces. We also carry full engraving machines and accessories to make high quality engraving easy for you to do. Browse through our online catalog of cutting tools and accessories to find the parts you need for your jewelry projects.
High Speed Steel Blanks | Super Carbide Cutters | Gesswein

Blanks & Cutters

Gesswein offers blanks and cutters in high speed steel or carbide, round or half-round, single-split or double-split.

Carbide Burs | Diamond Burs | Wax Burs |Carving Burs | Gesswein


Gesswein offers Busch, High-Speed, Carbide, Diamond Coated, and Titanium Nitride burs in hundreds of shapes and sizes for jewelry work, medical and industrial parts and miniatures.

Drill Bits | Taps & Dies | Reamers | Gesswein

Drills, Taps, Reamers

Gesswein offers small drill bits, in high speed steel, tungsten vanadium steel, carbide, and diamond-coated, in both inch and metric sizes. Reamers available in sets or sold individually.

Sindle-End Carbide End Mills | Double-End Carbide End Mills | Gesswein

End Mills

Gesswein carries dozens of sizes and shapes of carbide end mills in single or double ended styles, including end mills for aluminum.