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Finding the right jewelry making tools and supplies is very important for your craft. At Gesswein we believe in bringing you the highest quality jewelry bench tools to help you create the jewelry you imagine. We carry the best jewelry making tools and supplies available on the market including files, rifflers, hammers, benches, chairs, mandrels, saws and more. Take a look through our entire online inventory to find the perfect tool for your needs.
Jewelry Measuring Tools and Supplies | Jewelry Sizing | Gesswein


Gesswein carries dozens of calipers, inch and mm rules, dividers, and gauges for all precision industries. Color grading stones. TolTec Microimage Measurer for precision mold measuring.



Sherline offers the world's most complete line of precision mini-benchtop manual and CNC lathes, milling machines, and machine-shop accessories for light-industrial and home-shop use.

Diamond Testers | Precious Stone Testers | Gold Test Kits | Gesswein


Gesswein carries a full range of gold, diamond, moissanite and gem testers.

Bead Stringing Supplies

Bead Stringing Supplies

Gesswein offers bead stringing tools including pliers, tweezers, and other professional bead stringing tools.

Books & Videos

Books & Videos

Gesswein carries books and videos for the many facets of metal working including jewelry making, mold and die polishing, flex shaft use, reference and art jewelry books.

Dapping and Forming

Dapping & Forming

Gesswein offers an extensive line of ring bending and forming tools, dapping and bezel blocks and sets, forming and bending blocks, steel and lead bench blocks, stamps, stakes and anvils.

Resin and Enameling Supplies | Jewelry Decorative Finishing | Gesswein

Decorative Finishes

Liver of sulphur, patinas, background antique, enamels, ceramitation (also known as ceramit), enamels, COLORiT, satin and florentine finishing tools, wire and texturing wheels.

Jewelry Engraving Tools | Laser Engravers | Gesswein


Gesswein offers professional engraver machines, engraver tools, and engraver supplies for traditional hand engraving as well as air engravers, electric engravers and computerized engraving machines, laser engravers,  photo engraving and impact printers.

Jewelry Metal Files | RIfflers | Wax Carving | Gesswein

Files & Rifflers

Gesswein carries hundreds of files for metal workers; Grobet Swiss Pattern precision, riffler, needle and escapement files, also American Pattern files, and a large assortment of diamond coated files and rifflers.

Jewelry Glue | Jewelry Epoxy | Jewelry Adhesives | Gesswein

Glue & Epoxy

Gesswein offers jewelers glue and epoxy, Devcon fast-setting epoxies, cyanoacrylate in standard and gel forms.

Jewelry Hammers & Mallets | Jewelry Making Tools | Gesswein

Hammers & Mallets

Choose from our wide assortment of jewelers, goldsmiths and silversmiths hammers. Non-marring nylon, lead, brass and rawhide mallets. Specialty hammers including dead-blow, chasing, riveting and planishing hammers.

Benches and Chairs

Jewelers Benches & Chairs

Professional jewelers and watchmakers benches and chairs, bench pins.

Packaging & Display

Packaging & Display

Suede gift bags and anti-tarnish bags for care-free jewelry storage. Anti-tarnish tissue paper, gift wrap, zip-lock bags, and more.

Jewelers Pliers & Nippers | Jewelry Making Tools | Gesswein

Pliers & Nippers

A wide variety of pliers, nippers and cutters from economical every-day-use to top quality Lindstrom for those very special jobs.  Specialty pliers for jewelers, watchmakers and all precision metal workers.

Ring Sizing | Mandrels | Ring Cutters | Finger Gauges | Gesswein

Ring Sizing

Gesswein carries professional ring sizers and mandrels, ring stretchers, ring cutters and ring guards.

Rolling Mills | Jewerly Draw Plates | Jewelry Tools | Gesswein

Rolling Mills & Drawing

A complete line of Durston hand and motorized rolling mills and draw bench. Draw plates, and draw tongs.

Personal Protective Equipment and Shop Safety Supplies | Gesswein

Safety & Shop Supplies

Gesswein sells professional safety supplies for the workshop including aprons, gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, face shields, polishing shields, respirators, ear plugs, finger cots, and finger tape. Dykem products.


Sandblasting and Sanders

Gesswein carries professional free-standing and tabletop sand blasters as well as the MicroEtcher Pencil Sand Blaster, and medias including glass beads, matte sand, crushed ruby and more.

Saws & Saw Frames

Saws & Saw Frames

Gesswein offers precision metal working saw blades from Herkules White Label, Pike, Supra and more. Hand and power saw frames from Knew Concepts plus a wide variety of jewelers saw frames.

Bench Guillotine Shears | Scissors | Beading and Metal Snips | Gesswein


Gesswein carries bench and guillotine shears, scissors and snips for bead stringing and bench use. Also see Casting > Sprue Cutters.

Soldering Tools | Soldering Equipment | Soldering Flux | Gesswein


Tools and supplies for soldering.

Stone Setting Tools | Diamond Setting Tools | Gesswein

Stone Setting Tools

Gesswein offers dozens of tools for professional diamond and stone setting.



Gesswein Supra and Dumont brands for precision work in jewelry, watchmaking, aerospace, electronics, miniatures and small parts work, as well as economical brands for everyday use.

Bench Vises | Rotating Vises | Magnetic Ball Vises | Gesswein


Gesswein sells large and small vises for the bench as well as hand and pin vises for jewelry and small parts holding.

Watch Batteries & Testers | Watch Repair Tools | Watch Bands | Gesswein

Watch Batteries & Tools

Gesswein offers Sony and Energizer lithium and silver oxide watch batteries as well as the best selection of battery testers and watch repair tools for both the professional and DIY hobbyist.