A Safe and Efficient Solution for 3D Post Processing

Safety and Versatility

  • Workforce Health

    Enclosed workstation protects your technicians from inhaling toxic metal powders.

  • Minimal Explosion Risk

    Completely earthed design prevents sparks from reactive chemicals.

  • Full Functionality

    Large working platform accommodates support removal and grinding tasks.

  • Advanced Filtration

    Vacuum sealed chamber collects metal powders (99.95% filtration efficiency).

Eneska Postproces machine

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Optimal Ergonomic Working space
Large working platform

Optimal Ergonomic
Working Space

  • Adjustable height platform, dimmable lighting, and large glass dome provide optimal and ergonomic working conditions.
  • Large working platform (50"W x 60"D x 70"H) accomodate working fixtures such as turntables, magnetic clamping balls, and other vices to hold simple and complex geometries.
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Grinding and Finishing

The Eneskapostprocess powers a variety of electrical and air tools to perform various post-processing tasks such as support and substrate removal, grinding, deburring, and polishing.

Belt Grinder

Belt Grinder

Hand-filing Machine

Hand-Filing Maching

Compressed-air Filing Machine

Compressed-Air Filing Machine

Advanced Filtration

  • A combination of compressed air jets and vacuum suction directs hazardous powders to the 5-stage filtration system. Inert oil is required for safely capturing reactive powders such as titanium and aluminum.
Eneska Advanced Filtration