India Abrasive Files

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Hold their shape while producing a fine, uniform finish. The variety of special shapes makes it possible to debur, chamfer, radius and fit delicate parts. Triangular files are excellent for use in reaching tight corners without disturbing other surfaces. All stones measure 4" long except Style # 76 which measures 6". Made to an approximate ± 1/8" tolerance. Available in Coarse, Medium & Fine grits.

Style # Dimensions Shape
14 1/4" x 4"L   Square
34 3/8" x 4"L   Square
44 1/2" x 4"L   Square
76 1" x 6"L   Square
114 1/4" x 4"L   Triangular
134 3/8" x 4"L   Triangular
144 1/2" x 4"L   Triangular
214 1/4" x 4"L   Round
234 3/8" x 4"L   Round
244 1/2" x 4"L   Round
314 1/4" x 4"L   Half-Round
334 3/8" x 4"L   Half-Round
344 1/2" x 4"L   Half-Round
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    India stones are made of synthetic aluminum oxide abrasive graded to a consistent particle size, blended with select bonding agents, molded to shape and finished to exacting surface configurations. Preferred for imparting durable, smooth cutting edges and finishing to close tolerances. Orange-brown in color. Prefilled with oil to make cutting easier and more effective, retard loading and eliminate the need for presoaking prior to first use. Note: Although prefilling minimizes the amount of oil needed, it does not eliminate the need for oil on the stone surface.

    Apply Gesswein Stoning and Lubricating Oil on the stone’s sharpening surface prior to each use. This will prevent the pores of the stone from filling with material removed from the object being stoned.

    India Stones are available in course, medium and fine grits. Use coarse grit for restoring badly worn cutting edges and for all sharpening not requiring a keen edge; use medium grit for producing an average edge on a broad range of tools, such as carving tools, milling cutters, lathe tools and die chasers; and use fine grit for producing sharper-than-average edges on gouges, reamers, taps and twist drills.