Knew Concepts Precision Hand Saws with Lever Tension

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Precision and User Friendly are a few words that best describe the Knew Concept Saw Frames. Knew Concepts jeweler's hand saw frames are rigid and durable (made of heat treated aluminum) and boast a quick-change cam-lever tensioning system for ease of use. The cam-lever system allows you to quickly change blades without losing your tension adjustment. It’s that simple! Simply flip the lever up to release tension, swap out blade and flip the lever back down. The Cam-Lever System saves time when your jobs mandate repetitive blade changes.

Knew Concepts saw frames are light and rigid but quite durable, providing precise control, reduced blade breakage and very little flex thus prolonging the blade life. The hardened aluminum frame weighs only 129 grams (4.5 oz.), far less than a comparable steel saw frames on the market. Offered in 2 throat depths: 3” (76mm) and 5" (127mm). These quality Saw Frames are suitable to work on small pieces and parts with an overall saw blade length of 4.5” (114mm). Short or long periods of use, the curved wood handle has excellent balance and control and will fit comfortably in your hand. Work with a Saw all day at the bench? No Problem! Knew Concept Saw Frames are the lightest made saw frame on the market; an important factor for those bench jewelers working with a saw frame several hours a day! Made in USA.

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