Durston Ring Gauge & Mandrels

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Durston Mandrels: Precision At Your Fingertips

Durston Steel Finger Gauge Set 1-16 (820-8059)
Stamped and manufactured from high quality steel stock, the Durston ring gauge set is precisely machined and calibrated to match the Durston ring mandrels (Steel-#841-1141) to provide excellent consistency at your bench during manufacturing and also the same consistency when sizing a ring in front of your customer in the retail showroom. Set includes U.S. sizes 1–16 in clearly marked half-size increments. Made in the United Kingdom.

Durston Steel Mandrel (841-1141)
Manufactured by Durston, this precision steel ring mandrel is machined and calibrated to the Durston steel finger gauge set (#820-8059) providing excellent consistency during manufacturing or repair. Finally you can have confidence that rings will match perfectly with the steel ring mandrel, a process that has plagued the jewelry industry for many years! Made of hardened steel, mandrel is tapered for forming, sizing and shaping rings. Easy to read as each mandrel is laser engraved with sizes 1-16 US in quarter size increments. Made in the United Kingdom.


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