Swiss Torch

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The best-selling jeweler's torch in Europe, this versatile and reliable lightweight torch has interchangeable heads for precision light work to casting to larger flames for melting. Use it with propane or natural gas. Not for use with ACETYLENE. The standard torch comes with standard head with three nozzles of graduating tip sizes, each produces a strong and pointed flame. The head features two handy dials (for fuel and oxygen) at the top of the torch where your thumb can easily reach both for tight control and on-the-fly flame adjustments. Made in Switzerland.

A Swiss Torch kit (830-1482) with standard head is also available which includes:

  • One Swiss torch body/handle (830-1480)
  • One standard torch head with three nozzles/tips (830-1481)
  • Kit comes with a standard head with three nozzles of graduating tip sizes, all with strong and pointed flames.

Parts are available separately.

  • Oxygen Head Ring Flame (830-1483). Metal melting head (oxygen), ring shaped flame.
  • Torch Head Compressed Air (830-1485). This head works ONLY with Compressed air and propane or natural gas. It has the perfect flame for meting/casting 1875-1925° C, 3375 -3465° F.
  • Platinum Head (830-1487). Use with oxygen and the flame will be ring type for melting, heating and brazing.
  • Torch Head with 3 Needles (830-1489). Micro Head with 3 needle nozzles (0.90, 1.20, and 1.60mm). Flame can be turned through 360°.

PLEASE NOTE: Swiss Torch Casting Head Compress Air (830-1485) is for propane/natural gas and MUST BE USED WITH compressed air ONLY and NO OXYGEN. Do not use the Swiss Torch with ACETYLENE otherwise damage will occur.

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