RinGenie 3" Vise

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Ideal for Engraving, Diamond and stone setting, the RinGenie Vise is made from stainless steel and optimal under the use of optics or not, yet small enough to use and turn with one hand under a microscope. What makes the RinGenie Vise revolutionary is the stationary pins that make it easy for positioning. This feature allows for easier positioning than most ball vises due to its unique internal three ball bearing design. When positioning, it locks down very tight and is the only small micro vise that is ALSO a positioning vise. Fitted with copper jaw inserts as well as it has the hole pattern on top that will fit most competitive accessory kits. A must for any setter spending serious time on the bench! Made in USA.
Spherical Diameter: 3"
Jaw Size: 1.9"W x .75"H
Max Jaw opening: 4"
Net/Ship. Weight: 7.5 lbs
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