Aquaflame Soldering Torch Model 800


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Subject to UPS hazardous surcharge. NOTE: Requires (1) of electrolyte (830-0044). Also requires (1) of MEK (830-0042). Both sold separately.


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The next generation in Micro Soldering has arrived. The Aquaflame Torch systems are a must for any jeweler/repair facility. Made of the highest quality components the AquaFlame torch systems are proudly made in the United Kingdom with CE approval. Aquaflame is a complete soldering system and is 100% safe - bottled gas with pressurized fuel tanks are a thing of the past. Minimal maintenance is required and to prove the exceptional construction and use, Aquaflame Torch Systems boast a full 3 year warranty!

Aquaflame - Jewellery from Aquaflame Systems on Vimeo.

Why Aquaflame? The powerful yet compact generator converts distilled/deionized water into hydrogen and oxygen gases by electrolysis. A wide range of tips are provided from 0.50mm to 1.50mm meaning that Aquaflame torches will perform standard soldering tasks such as re-sizing or re-tipping. The larger tips and extra power mean that it is also capable of soldering platinum – Aquaflame truly is at the heart of the workshop and no other soldering systems would be required.

A clean precise environmentally friendly flame is obtained by using Methyl-Ethyl-Keytone (MEK). This is far safer than the toxic/hazardous Methanol also known as Methyl Alcohol which is commonly used in other competitive torches. MEK is also much cleaner to run as it leaves no residue on the surgical steel tips. Going one step further, the operator will find the light-weight torch handle easy to hold and for safety, it contains a built-in Flashback Arrestor. When using liquid flux or flux based paste solders, you will see less fire scale which is commonly found on silver.

Though extensively used in the jewelry industry, Aquaflame Systems are also used in the dental and other technical manufacturing industries making them ideal for precision soldering and micro welding. Aquaflame Torches are also widely used for acrylic flame polishing (edge polishing on acrylic) in plastic fabrication as this method requires no other materials or compounds and can finish intricate shapes quickly and easily.

The Aquaflame is available in (3) models. The Model 500 is ideal for soldering Silver, Gold, Stainless Steel Medical Instruments and some Titanium Alloys. The Models 800 and 1200 are ideal for the above-mentioned metals plus are better suited for soldering Platinum and additional operators can be added.

NOTE: Requires (1) of electrolyte (830-0044). Also requires (1) of MEK (830-0042). Both sold separately.
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    Equipment Information Model 500 Model 800** Model 1200**
    Reference Number 830-1005 830-1006 830-1007
    Gas production 75 lt/h 120 lt/h 240 lt/h
    Distilled water use (per day) 30ml 50ml 100ml
    Maximum flame temperature 3300c 3300c 3300c
    Electrical usage 0.50 kW 0.80 kW 1.20 kW
    Flash back fitted Yes Yes Yes
    Torch tips range supplied 20 - 25 18 - 25 17 - 25
    Torch tips bore size supplied (mm) 0.503 - 0.310 0.839 - 0.310 1.066 - 0.310
    Service recommended period 12 months 12 months 12 months
    Warranty period* 3 years 3 years 3 years
    Length 16" 16" 17.5"
    Width 8" 11" 12.5"
    Height 12" 15" 15.5"
    Shipping Weight 44lbs/20kg 66lbs/30kg 110lbs/50kg
    Flame Polishing Details
    Chemical for flame positioning MEK MEK MEK
    Thickness that can be polished in one pass 5mm 10mm 15mm
    Typical polishing times (per meter) 1 min 2 mins 3 mins

    *Servicing required every 12 months for warranty to apply.
    **Non-stock, special order and must ship via truck.
    Due to continuous improvements, some of the above details may change.