Harris® Single Stage Regulators

$95.45 - $212.50
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For general use when using one torch. Features all-brass construction to hold up even in corrosive atmospheres. Extra-large 2-3/4" pressure gauges so you can easily read PSI even when you are at a distance from the cylinder. Large 2-3/4" diaphragm ensures constant delivery pressure.

A check valve is installed on all regulators. Oxygen Regulator is equipped with a Harris Surge Guard for protection against sudden overflow of oxygen into the regulator. UL listed.

All have 9/16" outlet connections. Oxygen has right hand thread, fuel gas has left hand thread.
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    Gas CGA
    Oxygen 540
    Propane 510
    Acetylene (for B tanks) 200
    Acetylene (for large tanks) 510
    Hydrogen (0-50 psig)
    Hydrogen (0-125 psig)