GRS® #850 Ultra High Speed Handpiece

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Provides considerably more power and torque than other rotary handpieces. Operates at 300,000-400,000rpm for effortless engraving, decorating and grinding of metal, plastic, glass, stone, wood—almost any material. Runs with virtually no vibration or noise. Needs no lubrication.

Accepts only 1/16" tools due to its high operating speed such as the GRS Diamond & Stone High Speed Bur Set and the GRS High-Speed Carbide Bur Set.

Includes handpiece, tubing, connectors, carbide bur and instructions. Requires 1.3 CFM at 30-35 PSI.

Connects directly to GraverMax, GraverMate or any regulated air supply. Measures approx. 5/8" diameter x 5-1/8" long. Weighs 2.5 oz.
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