Large Millgrain Wheels

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Use these wheels on your lathe or Millgrain Machine to create professional decorative borders around the edges of rings or bracelets. “Male” tools have raised beads. (To see a sample of each design, please click the "Additional Images" link under the picture.)

To use, mount ring on lathe, and cut a flat shoulder (using a turning tool) into each edge of the ring. Bring the Millgrain Wheel onto the shoulder - only 8 revolutions are necessary to imprint the design.

Wheels are 6mm in diameter, mounted on 1/8" square x 2-1/2"L steel shanks. Each wheel is hardened and tempered to provide clean, well-defined imprints and to ensure long tool life. Wheel pins (axles) are hardened and ground for precision fit, which prevents excessive wheel wear.

Available in male and female styles (designated by the impression made) and in rope style.
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    Size Approximate
    Design Width
    Female 8 0.65mm
    Female 10 0.85mm
    Female 12 1.05mm
    Female 14 1.20mm
    Male 8 0.65mm
    Male 10 0.85mm
    Male 12 1.05mm
    Male 14 1.20mm
    Rope 1 1.25mm
    Rope 2 0.95mm

    * Note: Large Millgrain Wheels are not for hand use and must be used on a lathe or a Millgrain Machine, see "Related Products" below.