Simichrome Polish®

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  The California Air Resources Board deems Simichrome Polish to be in violation of California’s Volatile Organic Compound “VOC” regulation. Therefore, sales to California are restricted.
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One of the finest all-metal paste polishes in the world. Simichrome produces a beautiful high finish with very little effort. Simply rub on with a soft cloth and rub off to obtain a brilliant luster.

A small amount of Simichrome applied to a clean felt bob will remove the smokey haze often seen after final finish to bring out the brilliance of the metal. Recommended for use after diamond compound. Removes tarnish, dirt and oils, and generally renews polished metal surfaces. It leaves a protective film which retards oxidation.

Simichrome works well on brass, bronze, chromium, aluminum and countless other similar metals. Simichrome is also used to charge dry polishing medias (such as Dri-Shine III, Walnut Shells, or crushed cob) for tumbling.

Available in 4 sizes: 50 gram Tube, a Case of 24 Tubes (50 grams each), 250 gram Tin, and 1000 gram Can.
Micron Rating: The Simichrome is 8 to 10 microns

Industrial Uses:

Metalworking, plastics and other industries have known for years that Simichrome is the perfect product to polish tool and die molds, extrusion dies, precision metal products, machinery – anywhere an ultra fine final polishing is required. Metalworking industries have been using Simichrome for product finishing applications for decades. In addition to being a superior polishing product, Simichrome is also an excellent purging compound to remove residue on mold and die cavities after prolonged molding of plastic parts.

Simichrome is designed to polish without scratching any ferrous or non-ferrous metal. It yields an unequaled smooth finish and may be used with confidence when polishing even the most delicate, precision equipment and parts. Plant maintenance professionals have found it to be the perfect polish for a number of cleaning applications.

Jewelry & Home Uses:
Perfect for brass, copper, silver, gold, pewter, magnesium, aluminum ... virtually any ferrous or non-ferrous metal surface. Use it all around the home on virtually any metal surface. Tough enough to handle more durable pieces such as light fixtures, lamps, furniture hardware, appliance handles, door knobs and much, much more. Gentle enough for fine metals like tea sets, sterling silver, jewelry, coins, brass and pewter pieces...any collectible metal treasure.

This tough, yet gentle polishing paste is the brand of choice for antiques dealers and jewelers because it polishes to a fine patina and not the glare of inferior polish products. Simichrome removes tarnish and leaves a protective coating to help slow down further tarnishing.

How does Simichrome work?

Simichrome is specially-formulated using the finest micron particle size abrasive of any polish available combined with special cleaning agents. Because the abrasive particles are so fine, Simichrome will not harm uncoated metals surfaces. Unlike chemical polishes, Simichrome will not remove a layer of the metal surface being cleaned. This is especially important on gold and silver plated metal pieces and jewelry.
How do I use Simichrome Polish?

It's easy! Apply a little Simichrome to a clean soft cloth. Rub gently in a circular motion on surface to be polished. Continue rubbing until luster begins to emerge. Wipe away the grime and polish. Buff with a clean, soft cloth and you're finished!
Will Simichrome scratch metal?

When properly applied, Simichrome will not scratch or harm uncoated metal surfaces.
Can you eat with silverware after being cleaned and polished with Simichrome?

We recommend that you first wash it with soap and water.
What metals can Simichrome be used on?

Simichrome is the perfect cleaner and polish for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, chrome, pewter, stainless steel, gold, silver, sterling, platinum...virtually all uncoated metals. Do not use on painted or lacquered surfaces.
Will Simichrome prevent metals like silver or sterling from tarnishing?

After you clean and polish with Simichrome, it leaves a thin, protective coating which will help slow down further tarnishing and oxidation, but it won't prevent it completely.
Can I use Simichrome on gold or silver plated items?

Yes, but we suggest you be careful not to apply the polish with excessive pressure.
Can Simichrome be used on painted metal surfaces?

Simichrome is not recommended for use on any coated metal surface including painted or lacquered surfaces.
Can Simichrome be used on things like faucets?

Simichrome can be used on any uncoated metal surface. Many products appear to be uncoated metal, but actually have a chrome-like finish which is actually a plastic product. Things like faucets, automobile grills and wheels may not actually be chrome metal. We highly suggest you make sure you are polishing uncoated metal.
Will polishing old coins with Simichrome decrease their value?

This is a tricky question. Some coin collectors will tell you that polishing is okay; others will claim an old coin is more valuable in its actual, circulated condition. We suggest you contact a local coin dealer to get his/her opinion.

Download the PDF: Simichrome Technical Data Sheet.


Simichrome Polish is made in Germany.

It is a cream type paste, available in tubes and cans. It will polish, without scratching, any ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Simichrome is also excellent for removing shallow scratches from Plexiglas, or most any plastic.

Simichrome Polish is used to purge or clean molds in the plastic industry.

We have been advised that most often approximately 15% to 20% of Simichrome is mixed well with either scrap or re-grind, then run through the cycle. Sorry, we cannot be more specific, but for obvious reasons a lot of users are not too interested in sharing their research information.

For industrial users we offer this information:
  • DOT – not restricted article
  • Ammonium oleate
  • Water
  • White spirit
  • Alumina AL2O3
  • Iron oxide red colorant
  • Fatty acid diethanolamide
Boiling point: not exact, approximately 75° C. Non-flammable.
Particle size: 8 to 10 microns.
Shelf life: about 5 years, stored cool and dry.
Storage: Upper - 50° C. / Lower - 20° C.
Neutralizing chemicals: Vinegar, Citric Acid
Eye and skin irritation: Mild (rinse with water for eye contamination.)

Meets Military Spec. MIL P 6888A (ASG)

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