Foredom® #30 Handpiece

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Our top-selling handpiece for all-purpose use.

The standard Silver handpiece is now joined by Tanzanite Blue versions. All 3 feature a #0 geared 3-jaw chuck that accepts any size accessory shank or drill bit up to 5/32". The Pink and Blue handpieces have been manufactured as a limited edition — hurry to get yours!

The #30 general purpose handpiece has prelubricated ball bearings that require no maintenance. Comes with Chuck Key in molded plastic handle for changing accessories. Measures 5-3/16" long, 1" diameter. Net weight: 5.85 oz., shipping weight: 9.1 oz.

Various bench top tools attach to this versatile handpiece, such as the Foredom drill press, Belt Sander Attachment, Handpiece Holder, and AllSet Stone Setting Kits.

(Compatible with all flexible shaft motors except square drive "H" motors.)
In Segment 3 of the "Foredom in Action" video series, Wayne Werner discusses and demonstrates the differences and benefits of the various Foredom handpieces.

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