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Add COLORiT to your jewelry and dazzle your customers with its brilliance. It doesn't chip or crack like glass-filled enamels, nor does it flake or peel like epoxies. This ceramic-reinforced composite material is resistant to shrinking, scratching and impact. By means of a special curing light, it dries into a solid 3-D polymer network with exceptional strength. Because it comes in liquid form it's easily applied on both flat and curved surfaces.
  • Gives your jewelry the look and feel of enamel.
  • Can be inlaid into any precious or non-precious metals, including platinum, silver and stainless steel. Can even be inlaid into more COLORiT.
  • Colors can be mixed to create any hue, opaque or transparent.
  • Can be carved, sanded, filed, machined, lathe-turned at high speeds, sandblasted or polished to a high shine right along with the metal.
  • So durable that it can withstand tumbling, electroplating and mild ultrasonic, steam and solvent cleaning.
  • So versatile, workable and durable, it opens up entirely new design options.
Use a single color, or mix colors to obtain any hue. Colors included with each set are of medium saturation, so they appear slightly translucent. White makes the colors more opaque whereas Clear makes them more transparent. Pearl White looks stunning by itself and creates a pearlescent, marbleized look when added to any of the other colors.

Colorit Set includes:
  • 8 jars Colorit (Deep Black, Deep Red, Deep Yellow, Deep Green, Deep Blue, Hi Clear, White & Neon Red)
  • 4ml Premium Bond
  • LED DP2 Curing Light
    • Workplate with Heater
    • Light-Protected Workstation, 13-3/4"W x 10"D x 9-1/2"H
    • Micro Brush Regular (10)
    • Micro Brush Super Fine (10)
    • Applicator Tool
    • Instrument holder
    • Ring holder

    Colorit gives your jewelry the look and feel of enamel.
    Colorit can be inlaid into any nonprecious or precious metal, including platinum, titanium and stainless steel. It can even be inlaid into more Colorit. Colorit can be applied to difficult-to-bond materials like glass, ceramics and enamel using Colorit Primer to prepare the surface.
    Colorit is formable. Use it to make beads or imitation cabochons in any color – even multicolored “stones” are possible.
    Colorit colors can be used right next to each other for a cloisonne look – without wires! A few seconds of precuring eliminates color bleed. Colors can also be worked uncured for artistic effects.
    Colorit colors can be mixed to any hue, opaque or transparent.
    Colorit is colorfast – won’t fade over time.
    Colorit is highly resistant to scratching, shock and impact. In fact, it is more scratch-resistant than precious metal.
    Colorit is so durable it can withstand tumbling, pickling, electroplating and ultrasonic, steam or solvent cleaning.
    Colorit can be carved, sanded, filed, machined, lathe-turned at high RPMs, sandblasted, or polished to a high shine.
    Colorit technique is easily mastered.
    Colorit is so versatile, workable and durable, it opens up entirely new creative design options.

    Both a mechanical bond and a chemical bond are required to ensure durability and colorfastness.  Inlaid areas must be undercut, and proper application and curing instructions must be followed.  COLORiT is easy to apply and dries in minutes under the special curing light.

    From cleaning to final curing, the entire process usually takes no longer than 30 minutes; curing comprises roughly half that time and requires only minor attention.

    PDF Download: COLORiT Instructions
    PDF Download: COLORiT Instructions, Part 2
    PDF Download: COLORiT Biocompatibility Certificate

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