Sisma Laser Engravers and Markers

Advance your business with Sisma’s state of the art fiber optic laser machinery. From desktop to free-standing units, Sisma’s laser engravers are built to consistently produce precise markings, deep engraving, cutting, and other specialized solutions.


Key Features

  • Available in 20 watt and 30 watt open (class IV not shown) and closed (class I) configurations to integrate with your work flow.
  • Ideal for simple marking and engraving and scalable to high volume material processing.
  • Optional accessory tools for customized laser engraving solutions.


Key Features

  • Fully customizable Standard and Extended Performance laser sources available enclosed or in open configurations for production line integration.
  • Perfect for small jobs and scalable for industrial processing and micromachining.
  • Integrate a wide offering of accessories for custom laser jobs.


Key Features

  • Larger workspace capacity (495 x 495) to fit fixtures, jigs, accessories, and larger parts.
  • Unsurpassed laser source quality with unrivaled craftsmanship.
  • Ideal for large jobs and scalable for industrial processing and micromachining.
  • Customize your machine setup with extra features and accessories.


Key Features

  • Freestanding workstation, integrated computer, ultimate productivity.
  • Selectable fiber source to meet detailed production demands.
  • Ideal for mid to high range production of larger items, hallmarking, engraving, and cutting.
  • Integrate a wide offering of accessories for custom laser jobs.
Sisma Easy Engraver

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Leasing offers a way to quickly get what you need without tying up your cash and best of all, allows you to deduct the lease as a business operating expense. We work closely with a few reputable firms and will assist in making it as simple as possible.

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Advantages of Financing Equipment

Gesswein knows how important it is to continually improve your business with the latest innovative equipment and supplies. Leasing offers a way to have what you need without tying up your cash AND best of all, allows you to deduct the lease as a business operating expense. Gesswein has partnered up with Sunbelt Lessors to provide lease-to-own options. To make sure leasing is the best option for your purchase, view the information below or call us at 203-366-5400 and speak with your account manager.

Why Consider Leasing?
  • A lease can be made on any equipment starting at $5,000 and up
  • Leasing allows you to pay over time, even as the equipment depreciates. This is good news for your cash flow, . As you pay your monthly payments, you are making money from its use, thus allowing you to easily afford the monthly payment.
  • By leasing your equipment, your payments can be deducted as a business operating expense and in some caess, reduce the cost of your lease for the term of the contract.
  • Rather than a financing option with floating interest rates, leasing a piece of equipment provides a consistent (monthly) expense.
How Does a Lease Work?

Fill out a simple, secure credit application (see below). You will work directly with Sunbelt Lessors and discuss all the options available. As always, monthly payment amount is dependent on your credit status and total purchase price.

Are there options for the term of the Lease? Yes! Finance options are available running from 12 to 72 months.

You Can Have It All!

Keep in mind, you can include not only the cost of the equipment being purchased but also the training and installation and even the freight costs! Need other small equipment or consumables at the same time? Add it into your lease and finance it all at once under one lease thus not tying up your cash flow!

What Might be the Approximate Monthly Payment?

Monthly payment is dependent on your credit status and total purchase price.

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We manufacture high-end, luxury jewelry for discerning clients where nothing short of perfection is desired. Utilizing the Sisma laser engraver has become a welcome addition to our workshop, where we can engrave multiple allows in a wide range of scales, fonts, and designs with consistency and relative speed. The interface is straightforward, much like most current graphics programs. And, after undergoing the initial training one is equipped with the know-how to get up and running in no time. As well, the machine does not take up a huge amount of space, so it can fit in most small to medium sized workshops. This is a great investment for all your engraving needs.

Joseph Charles

Technical Design Assistant, Lugano Diamonds

The Sisma Easy 300F with CVS and pattern matching software is an incredible machine that has proven to be a shop staple; a 'Must Have!' It efficiently marks, engraves, and cuts with extreme precision and amazing quality. The software is easy to learn and can be run by anyone with basic compouter knowledge in a short period of time. It handles high volume production in an industry with very tight time-frames with ease and creates new opportunities for expansion and revenue. I highly recommend a Sisma laser system for the superb product and excellent customer service provided by Gesswein.

Kris Durchholz

Team Lead Laser Engraver, Jewel Craft

Service and Support

Our service professionals are ready to give you the support you need. Whether it's helping you choose the right laser, providing training on your new laser, or servicing your existing Sisma laser- we've got you covered.

Trained Laser Professionals

Our team of account managers and service technicians are fully trained on our laser systems so we can give you the best quality service.

Laser Install + Training

Our experts will both help set up your machine and teach you how to maintain it, so you can keep your machine running smooth for years to come.

Preventative Maintenance

All machines need adjusting every now and then. Should your machine need repair or a replacement part, we are standing by to get you what you need, fast.

Remote & Onsite Support

Should you have any questions about your machine’s performance or need help troubleshooting, our experienced technicians are available for remote or in person consultations.

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Sisma Laser Engravers & Markers