Air Grinders:

Turbo Air Lappers Manual 
Ushio UHT Parts Diagram 
High Torque Air Grinder HT60 


Diprofiler Parts Diagrams:

Diprofil Classic Flexshaft Connection
Diprofil FMM-C 6.0mm Tool Holder Spare Parts
Diprofil FPM-G-02 Classic Spare Parts
FRM-G Parts List
FRM-B Parts List
Diprofil FPC Classic Spare Parts  


Marathon Handy 700:

Marathon Handy 700   


Melting Furnaces:

Melting Furnace Items #265-1600 (-1601-1602 -1603)  


Mini Mobile Micromotor System:

Mini Mobile Micromotor 


Power Hand 3 Handpieces:

PH3 08X Highest Torque Rotary Handpiece
PH3 15X High Torque Rotary Handpiece
PH3 20X Slim Rotary Handpiece
PH3 30X General Purpose Rotary Handpiece
PH3 35X Slim Rotary Handpiece
PH3 55X High Speed Rotary Handpiece
PH3-SZX Profiler.pdf
Power Hand 3 Controller

Power Hand 3 Handpiece Motors:

PH3 M-08X Handpiece Motor
PH3 M-15X Handpiece Motor
PH3 M-20X Handpiece Motor
PH3 M-30X Handpiece Motor
PH3 M-35X Handpiece Motor
PH3 M-55X Handpiece Motor
Power Hand 3 Controller

Power Hand 2X:

Dual Controller
Standard Controller
BH-60 Handpiece
RZ-15X Right Angle Rotary Handpiece
BZX (OLD) Belt Sander Handpiece
BZX (NEW) Belt Sander Handpiece 
Z-2X Recipro Handpiece
Z-6X Recipro Handpiece
Z-STX Standard Head Rotary Handpiece
Z-SLX Slender Head Rotary Handpiece
CZ-15X Contra-Angle Rotary Handpiece
Z-HDX Heavy-Duty Head
Z-ANX 90° Angle Head
SZX Side-to-Side Reciprocating Handpiece
Z-CNX Contra Angle Head
Z-SWX Swing Head
Z-08X 8,000RPM Rotary Handpiece
Z-M08X 8,000RPM Motor Assembly #510-2168
Z-M08X 8,000RPM Motor Assembly #510-2258
Z-15X 15,000RPM Rotary Handpiece
Z-M15X 15,000RPM Motor Assembly
Z-20XS 20,000RPM Rotary Handpiece
Z-30X 30,000RPM Rotary Handpiece
Z-M30X 30,000RPM Motor Assembly
Z-35XS 35,000RPM Rotary Handpiece
Z-55X 55,000RPM Rotary Handpiece


Power Hand ECO-Torque 280:

ECO-Torque 280

Power Hand Marathon:

Power Hand Marathon with PHP3S 

Turbo Lappers:

UTR Turbo Air Lapper Manual
UTR Parts List
UHT Parts List

Ultramax SF,DF and MF:

Ultramax SF and DF  
Ultramax MF TOUCH
Ultramax MF
Ultramax 1200

Weldmax 350:

Weldmax 350