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Spectra Diamond Micro Files

Mini diamond files with 3/32" wide handles. Handles are covered by yellow plastic knobs. Files measure approximately 4" long overall except round which measures approximately 3-3/4" long. Plated ends measure approximately 2"long.  The Round shape tapers from 1/16" to 1/32".

Very fine grit (D64, or U.S. standard 230-270).

5 shapes: Flat, Half-Round, Round Tapered, Square, and Three-Square.

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Item #
Grit Item Length Shape Price Quantity
Very-Fine 4" Flat $30.82
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Very-Fine 3-3/4" Half-Round $30.82
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Very-Fine 3-3/4" Round Tapered $30.82
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Very-Fine 4" Square $30.82
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Very-Fine 4" Three-Square $30.82
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Very-Fine 5.5" Round $42.22
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