Gesswein® Diamond Rifflers

Measure 6" overall length. Coated ends measure 1" long. All are medium, 150 grit.

Available in 5 curved shapes: Oval, Flat, Three-Square, Square and Round.

Gesswein Diamond Rifflers use 100% man-made diamonds. These synthetic diamonds are more consistent in shape than natural diamonds. This guarantees sharp and even cutting action, durability and long life. All blanks are precision-made of high-strength steel. High-density wear-resistant plating enables total usage of the full concentration of diamond crystals.

Ideal for filing hardened metals, including steel and carbide, as well as ceramics and hard plastics. Made in USA.

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Item #
Abrasive Grit Item Length Shape Price Quantity
Diamond 150 6" Oval $25.75
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Diamond 150 6" Flat $25.75
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Diamond 150 6" Three-Square $25.75
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Diamond 150 6" Square $25.75
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Diamond 150 6" Round $25.75
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