Arkansas Stones

  • Arkansas Engraver Point - AT11

    Arkansas Engraver Point - AT11

    sku: 3725110

    Ultra-fine grit Arkansas stone measures 1" long x 1/8" diameter and tapers to a point. Ideal for stoning and cleaning tight corners and recesses. 

    $19.17 / Each
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  • Arkansas Stone - Hard (Fine) -

    Arkansas Stone - Hard (Fine) -

    sku: 3742000

    Our fine grit, Hard Black Arkansas Bench Stone is used for precision sharpening or for finishing a very sharp edge. Use with Gesswein Stoning oil for best results. Measures 6" long x 2" wide x 1/2" high. Made in USA.

    $75.75 / Each
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  • Arkansas Stone - Medium (Soft)

    Arkansas Stone - Medium (Soft)

    sku: 3741001

    Our medium-grit Arkansas bench stone. Recommended for relatively fast cutting. Excellent for shaping gravers, knives, and precision tools prior to final finish with either our Ruby or Hard Black Arkansas stones. Use with Gesswein Stoning Oil for best...

    $33.57 / Each
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  • Norton®  Crystolon Combo Bench Stone

    Norton® Crystolon Combo Bench Stone

    sku: 3712004

    This silicon carbide Crystolon bench stone provides both a coarse and a fine cutting surface. Allows fast cutting for general sharpening of cutting tools.  Ideal for carbide-heavy tool steel, such as M2 or the CPMs.All Crystolon Stones are made of...

    $61.14 / Each
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