Cratex® Small Wheels

Cratex is a tough, resilient, rubberized abrasive that utilizes silicon carbide as the abrasive grain in a standard bond of premium grade, oil-resistant chemical rubber. Its unique cushioned action allows the abrasive grains to cut freely, smoothly and softly without gouging or digging into the work surface. Clean and polish to remove surface deposits. Remove rough surfaces to improve performance, appearance and cleanliness. Ideal for work on jewelry, plastic parts, small castings and models. Knife-edge style wheels are excellent for accessing slots, ribs and other fine detailed areas. Arbor Hole 1/16". Max. operating speed: 25,000rpm. Sold by the box (100 wheels per box). Made in Mexico. 

4 color-coded grits:

  • Coarse, performs similar to 120 grit SIC waterproof sandpaper
  • Medium, performs similar to 240-280 grit SIC waterproof sandpaper
  • Fine, performs similar to 320-360 grit SIC waterproof sandpaper
  • Extra-Fine, performs similar to 600-800 grit SIC waterproof sandpaper