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  • 1" Mini Digital Thickness Gauge

    1" Mini Digital Thickness Gauge

    sku: 8251620

    Measures in inches and mm. This compact gauge is small enough to take everywhere. Overall length is just 3-1/2". Features large LCD screen for good readability as well as conversion and zero functions. Includes setscrew to keep jaws in place...

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  • 150mm Swiss Plastic/Fiberglass Dial Caliper

    150mm Swiss Plastic/Fiberglass Dial Caliper

    sku: 8251660

    Made of durable super polyamide plastic and fiberglass. Measuring capacity: 150mm. Dial graduations: 0.1mm. Measures inside, outside, depth and step. Comes complete with fitted plastic case. Made in Switzerland.

    $34.95 /
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  • 4" Electronic Digital Pocket Caliper

    4" Electronic Digital Pocket Caliper

    sku: 8251625

    Measures up to 4"/100mm. Provides digital accuracy and portability at a very affordable price. Features large LCD screen as well as conversion and zero functions. Uses setscrew to prevent jaws from moving. Runs for one year on #303 SR44 1.55V...

    $36.05 /
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  • 6" Digital Caliper with Holding Plate

    6" Digital Caliper with Holding Plate

    sku: 8251632

    This caliper comes standard with a stone holding plate attachment for easy measuring for loose stones, watch crystals, beads etc. Convert measurement from millimeters to inches with a touch of a button. LCD display with auto-off system. Measures...

    $40.45 /
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  • 6" Econo Electronic Digital Caliper

    6" Econo Electronic Digital Caliper

    sku: 8251630

    Digital accuracy at an affordable price. Large LCD display for easy-to-read measurements up to 6" (150mm). Converts from inches to millimeters at the touch of a button. Measures 4 ways: inside, outside, depth and step. Hold-down screw prevents...

    $74.95 /
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  • 6" Economy Vernier Caliper

    6" Economy Vernier Caliper

    sku: 8251725

    Graduations with Vernier 0.001" and 0.02mm. Measuring capacities are 6" and 150mm. Depth of jaws is 1.6". Measures outside, inside and depth. Screw lock prevents jaws from moving to hold any measurement in place. Made of hardened stainless steel...

    $48.95 /
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  • Baker Diamond Gauge

    Baker Diamond Gauge

    sku: 8130600

    Aluminum gauge with holes for measuring stones and round extensions for measuring mountings. One side indicates millimeters, other side carats. Capacity: 1/32 to 4 carats and 2 to 11mm. Measures 4" diameter.

    $19.95 /
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  • Brass Sliding Calipers (mm Gauge) - with Vernier

    Brass Sliding Calipers (mm Gauge) - with Vernier

    sku: 8131200

    High quality Pocket Calipers made of Brass. Both measure up to 3-1/4"" (1/16" increments) and to 80mm (1.0mm increments). Notched tips are helpful for measuring internal diameters (ID). Can be used as a conversion tool for inches and...

    $15.65 /
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  • Combination Degree Gauge

    Combination Degree Gauge

    sku: 8130900

    Satin-finished steel with brass index plate. #ec_spec { border: 0; border-collapse: collapse; width:100%; } #ec_spec > thead > tr { background-color: #dddddd; } #ec_spec > tbody > .ec_odd { background-color: #f0f0f0; } ...

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  • Degree Gauge

    Degree Gauge

    sku: 8130909

    This economically priced pocket-size steel gauge measures up to 10mm in 0.01mm increments. Features easy-to-read black indices on polished brass plate. Measures just 3-7/8" long.

    $16.45 /
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  • Diamond Gauge

    Diamond Gauge

    sku: 8131120

    When closed, this accurate gauge is only 1-1/2" in diameter. Measures round and baguette stones from 1 point to 2 carats. Made of aluminum.

    $7.75 /
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  • Diamond Weight Estimator

    Diamond Weight Estimator

    sku: 8131919

    Perfect for determining the size of loose or mounted stones when other methods are unavailable. Place the Gem Estimator on your stone pad, then place the selected diamond on the appropriate outline. You will be able to instantly tell the approximate...

    $7.15 /
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  • Economy Diamond Sieve

    Economy Diamond Sieve

    sku: 8161300

    Total of 23 chrome-plated brass plates, 50mm diameter. Also used for pearls and other stones. Comes in leather case. Plate Sizes Plate. . . Hole Diameter (mm)* ...

    $66.95 /
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  • K&B Stone Gauge

    K&B Stone Gauge

    sku: 8131000

    A handy tempered aluminum pocket gauge for measuring loose stones and settings. Marked in carats and millimeters. Features revolving stone size gauge. Has birthstone chart on reverse. Capacity: 1/32 to 4 carats (2 to 11mm). Measures 3-5/8"L x...

    $8.20 /
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  • Mini Degree Gauge

    Mini Degree Gauge

    sku: 8130850

    Overstock Sale While supplies last. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges. Lightweight and pocket-size, the Mini Degree Gauge is made of polished stainless steel and contains easy-to-read indices on both sides. Smaller than...

    $6.25 /
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  • Pearl and Stone Gauge

    Pearl and Stone Gauge

    sku: 8130652

    Pearl and Stone Gauge – Works great with baguettes! A precision-engineered gauge with measuring faces ground level with the back to stay flat for accurate measuring of pearls and all kinds of stones such as baguettes. Securely holds stones...

    $62.95 /
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  • Pocket Wire & Sheet Gauge

    Pocket Wire & Sheet Gauge

    sku: 8130702

    For measuring wire and sheet sizes. Our pocket gauge comes with a protective leather sheath and measures gauge sizes from 8 to 34 (each size also shown in mm and inches).

    $12.95 /
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