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Nylon or Plastic Mallets

  • Nylon Mallets  - 1-1/2"

    Nylon Mallets - 1-1/2"

    sku: 8217120

    Nylon-faced mallet with a head measuring 1-1/2" diameter by 4-3/4" in length.  Faces are are non-marking and shock cushioned and easily screw out for replacement. The handle is plastic with comfortable rubber nonslip grip that is impervious to...

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  • Plastic Mallet

    Plastic Mallet

    sku: 8218790

    Made of an ultra-high molecular weight, nonporous polyethylene which is easily cleanable and prevents marring. Durable hickory handle. Made in USA. Head length: 3-7/8" Face diameter: 1-3/4" Head weight: 8 oz. Overall...

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  • Small Plastic Mallet

    Small Plastic Mallet

    sku: 8218795

    Features non-marring plastic head with two flat faces. Has durable hardwood handle. Made in Germany. Head diameter: 3/4" Head length: 2-3/4" Head weight: 5-1/2 oz. Overall length: 10-1/2"

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