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Solder Picks

  • Basic Solder Pick

    Basic Solder Pick

    sku: 8302211

    Made with a special alloy, the point can be bent to any shape without breaking. Hardwood handle insulates. Metal ferrule. For gold and silver. Measures 6-1/2" long.

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  • Niobium Solder Pick

    Niobium Solder Pick

    sku: 8302216

    For high-temperature soldering jobs, our Niobium Solder Pick withstands temperatures up to 4,470°F. Non-contaminating for platinum soldering and welding. Can be bent to the desired angle without breaking. Wooden handle.  Measures 6-1/2" long.

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  • Titanium Solder Pick

    Titanium Solder Pick

    sku: 8302212

    Features a Titanium rod to which solder cannot adhere and a non-conductive handle with hexagonal head so pick won't roll away when you put it down. For gold and silver – do not use on platinum. Measures 6-3/8" long.

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  • Titanium Soldering Picks (Set of 3)

    Titanium Soldering Picks (Set of 3)

    sku: 8302219

    Feature long-lasting extra-fine titanium tips for precise application. Grooved aluminum handle dissipates heat quickly to protect user. Hexagonal head prevents rolling. Available in three colors so know which pick is for which metal —...

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  • Tungsten Solder Pick

    Tungsten Solder Pick

    sku: 8302210

    For spreading molten solder and maneuvering it to just the place you want it. Made of a special high melting point tungsten. Will not contaminate or discolor molten gold or silver solder. Ideal for platinum soldering. Wood will not heat up. Measures...

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