Pin Vises

  • Double Ended Pin Vise

    Double Ended Pin Vise

    sku: 8204650

    Double-ended with different size steel collets mounted in both ends of a hollow handle. Capacity: 0" — 0.099".  Overall length: 4-1/4".

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  • Pin Vise Dog Nose with 5/16" Jaws

    Pin Vise Dog Nose with 5/16" Jaws

    sku: 8204050

    This pin vise has 5/16" wide jaws. Its hollow handle opens to 1/4", and has a 3/16" gap. Overall length: 4-1/2". Pin vises are useful for holding small drills, wires, taps, screwdriver blades and more.  Made in Pakistan. (Replacement screw and wing...

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  • Pin Vise with Swivel-Head

    Pin Vise with Swivel-Head

    sku: 8204355

    Swivel head pin vise for drilling or tapping. Two double-ended chucks. Capacity: 0" — 0.125". Overall length: 3-1/2".

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  • Pin Vise, Brass with Steel Chucks

    Pin Vise, Brass with Steel Chucks

    sku: 8204300

    Hollow brass pin vise wtih 2 steel collets. Overall length: 3-3/4". Capacity: 0" — 0.079".   Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. - www...

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  • Sliding Pin Vise

    Sliding Pin Vise

    sku: 8204260

    Sliding pin vise for one-handed operation. Single end has knurled slide. Capacity: 0" — 0.032". Overall length: 4-1/2".

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