Gas Furnace

Gesswein is proud to offer guillotine style gas burnout furnaces. Gas is more economical to run as well as providing a cleaner burn out due to the airflow. With no heating elements to burn out, you have less down time and with over 40 years of proven reliability; these furnaces are what you need!

These furnaces are carefully designed to provide many years of virtually trouble-free use and are constructed out of heavy-duty steel with the highest quality firebrick interiors along with a 3” ceramic fiber door and ¼” thick door cable. All units are equipped with a triple port burner to reach the temperatures needed for the complete elimination of all wax necessary for a clean mold. Natural gas connections are standard but propane is also a special order option if desired.

These furnaces are made to order and are customized for your specific use. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will prepare an exact price quote for your specifications. Made in USA.

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Item #
Dimensions Item Depth Item Height Item Width Model Use Price Quantity
Chamber: 14.5Wx12Dx12H 19.25" 75.75" 23.5" 12 x 12 3x3 (16) or 4x6 (9) Flasks $10,000.00
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Chamber: 18Wx14Dx14H 21.75" 87" 27.75" 14 x 14 4x8.5 (9) Flasks $10,200.00
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Chamber: 22Wx18Dx14H 26.25" 87" 31.75" 18 x 18 4x8.5 (16) Flasks $10,700.00
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Chamber: 25Wx20Dx19H 28.25" 87" 34.75" 21 x 20 4x8.5 (28-32) Flasks $11,700.00
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Chamber: 29Wx20Dx22H 28.25" 89.25" 39.75" 26 x 20 4x8.5 (36-40) Flasks $12,200.00
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Chamber: 29Wx26Dx22H 34.25" 89.25" 39.75" 26 x 26 4x8.5 (45-50) Flasks $12,700.00
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