Eschenbach Clip-On Magnifiers

Prescription-grade lenses made of PXM optically pure plastic: lighter than glass and more resistant to breakage. Coated with Cera-Tec on both sides to resist scratching. Clip mechanisms are lightweight, well-balanced, reinforced plastic providing comfortable hands-free viewing.

Available in binocular (shown) and monocular styles. Monocular style (4X) has a round lens (35mm diameter) for a wide field of view. Both styles meet EN ISO 9001 standards and are backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Made in Germany.

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Item #
Focal Distance Magnification Power Style Type Price Quantity
55mm 4X 16 Diopter Monocular $162.00
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180mm 2.5X 5 Diopter Binocular $162.00
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250mm 2X 2.5 Diopter Binocular $162.00
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160mm 3X 7.75 Diopter Binocular $162.00
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