Eschenbach Galilean Precision Binoculars

These premium binoculars provide comfortable hands-free viewing for stone setting, precision engraving and fine detail work. Unlike one-piece headset magnifiers, they can be adjusted to your own eye measurements for perfect clarity without eyestrain or image distortion.

Crystal-clear shatter-resistant lenses are lighter than glass, so they can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Allow side-to-side lens adjustment and fine focusing adjustment for each eye. Feature a plus objective lens and a minus ocular lens.

Available in 2.5X and 4X power. Includes zippered leather carrying case. Lens diameter: 23mm. Meets EN ISO 9001 standards.

Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Made in Germany.

  • Prescription-grade achromatic (color-corrected) lenses made of PXM optically pure plastic
  • Fine focusing adjustment and diopter setting for each eyepiece
  • Lens Size: 23mm
  • Lightweight and well-balanced construction
  • Adjustable nose bridge, open saddle style
  • Matte black plastic frame
  • Temple Length: 155 mm
  • Focal Range: 70 cm+
  • Visual Field: 7.5 Degrees
  • PD Range: 54-74 mm

Instructions are included. Focusing is very easy and each eye is adjusted separately for perfect vision. Put the binoculars on and look at something (a printed page is good). Cover up one lens with your hand so you cannot see out of it. Adjust the other lens until the focus is perfect in that eye. Then cover up the lens you just focused with your hand and adjust the other lens. Each lens is now adjusted to each eye for perfect vision and magnification eliminating eyestrain.

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205mm 2.5X Field of View 15° $901.90
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115mm 4X Field of View 8° $901.90
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