Ney Vulcan Furnaces

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NOTICE: Machines for US customers only. Warranty void if purchased for use outside of the US.

Burnout furnaces designed by Ney to make your burnout more precise and your casting process more convenient. Vulcan’s high-performance, hybrid muffle is more durable than fiber and allows faster heating and cooling than firebrick. Two slide-out side element plates make element replacement easy.

Vulcan’s door opens vertically with a smooth roll-back action to give maximum access to the chamber while using minimum vertical space and for operator safety. Vulcan is constructed with a heavy gauge steel cabinet finished with durable baked enamel coating.
Available in 2 styles with your choice of manual or programmable temperature controls.

Model D-550 with Digital Temperature Control: Temperature is selected using a front panel control knob with digital display so you can dial the exact temperature you want, up to 2,012° F. .

Model 3-550 with Programmable Temperature Control: A powerful built-in controller has 9 three-stage programs and 1 single-temperature hold program. You can link programs together for a maximum burnout of 6 temperatures, 6 hold times and 6 rate settings. Temperature, countdown time and program number are digitally displayed at all times. Also features delay start. Membrane keypad and LED indicators make this controller easy to program and operate.

See "Specifications" tab above, for more details.
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    Model D-550 3-550
    Temperature Control: Manual Programmable
    Outside Dimensions: 16"W x 17"D x 16"H 16"W x 17"D x 16"H
    Chamber Dimensions: 9"W x 9"D x 7"H 9"W x 9"D x 7"H
    Height w/Door Open: 25" 25"
    Max. Temperature: 2,012° F 2,012° F
    Firing Time: 15 min. to 1000° F 15 min. to 1000° F
    Net/Shipping Weights: 50 lbs. 50 lbs.