Wheel Brushes

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    Aluminum Center Wheel Brush EL-192

    Aluminum Center Wheel Brush EL-192

    sku: 1145192

    Hard animal hair brush with bristles that are tightly packed, allowing suitable stiffness while giving better than 2 to 1 performance over individually tufted brushes. Aluminum center ensures secure retention on a tapered spindle. Measures 2" in...

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  • Scotch-Brush 3"

    Scotch-Brush 3"

    sku: 1145199

    Two ply of 3M™ Scotch-Brite™ are supported by 2 rows of 3/4" trim length stiff white Chung King bristle secured onto a 1-1/2" diameter plastic hub. The bristles give support to the application of more pressure for faster results...

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